Validating form php

When thinking of popular web technologies nowadays you may not first think of PHP.What first comes to mind is probably Javascript or Python, both of which are powerful programming languages.The first topic we’ll discuss is using PHP to perform some basic form validation.Form validation is an essential part of web development.The first validation we can perform is to check that the user entered information: which removes all extra white spaces from the beginning and end of a string.

Presumably we are asking users for this information to either gain them access to some restricted part of the application, collect their information to add to a database or verify their identity for some reason.

You can use it simply like this: function that removes special characters for use in a SQL statement.

I hope this article provides a good starting point as you begin to think about incorporating form validation with PHP.

In this new series I will explore some basic functionality with PHP.

As PHP is a language for websites and web applications all of these blog posts will center around incorporating PHP into a web project for increased functionality and dynamism.

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