Validating the organizational climate measure

Nevertheless, whether these dimensions are germane to all cultures remains a source of contention (for a review, see Sarros, Gray, Densten, & Cooper, 2005). To create the profile, a Q sort methodology is applied. Participants then arrange these cards, according to the extent to which they describe their organization. Climate, in essence, reflects the overt manifestations of underlying values and motivations. For example, Hofstede (2003) differentiates practices and values. The second set comprises practices that relate to employee motivation, such as performance appraisal and recruitment. People and organizational culture: A profile comparisons approach to assessing person-organization fit. Nevertheless, some of these practices could apply to both classes. A variety of protocols and scales have been devised to assess the culture or climate of organizations. Nevertheless, only a few of these measures have been validated sufficiently and are available freely in the public domain. Assessing organizational culture: The case for multiple methods. Schneider (Ed.), Organizational climate and culture (pp.

In contrast, culture represents a subjective description of the core values and beliefs of an organization (e.g., Denison, 1996& Meyerson, 1991& Schnieder & Snyder, 1975) and primarily emanated from the fields of anthropology and sociology. Validating the organizational climate measure: Links to managerial practices, productivity and innovation.

Fourth, these shared cognitions ensure that behavior is predictable, comprehendible, and valued, ultimately curbing uncertainty and anxiety.

Several researchers have attempted to identify a few broad and core set of practices-and thus facets of climate-that are germane to most organizations or at least championed the need to uncover these classes (see, Huselid, 1995& Niehaus & Swiercz, 1996& Tomer, 2001& Pfeffer, 1998&, Parker, Baltes, Young, Huff, Altmann, Lacost, & Roberts, 2003& van den Berg & Wilderom, 2004).

Other scholars, often operating in the discipline of management science, regard climate as a subset of culture.

In particular, according to scholars such as Hofstede (2003), Schein (2004) and Rousseau (1990), culture comprises several levels, ranging from overt manifestations to underling causes.

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