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It is important to note that emotional validation does not mean you are agreeing with or supporting your own or another’s emotional response (especially if the emotions are very destructive or irrational).

If yes, you know all too well the obliteration that inevitably comes from narcissistic invalidation.

In being validated we feel accepted by others and we also accept ourselves. Invalidation is the product of an absence of empathy, hence being a natural space for the pathological narcissist to operate from.

It is the act of purposefully denying, rejecting, minimising, negatively judging, and/or ignoring your expressed experience, thoughts, actions, or emotions.

Please be aware of these risks, and take good care of yourself - including receiving appropriate professional care.

If a resounding ‘yes’ arose for you in feeling invisible and worthless because of the narc’s abuse, you know, from experience, how bereft the absence of validation leaves you, and how very central it is to your survival.Maintaining their fragile make-believe world depends on reinforcing beliefs held that they are ‘perfect’.Disproving the reality of who they are without the mask, drives their existence.Viewing pages in SM, or contributing material to it, means that you have read and agreed to its Terms of Use.The information in Skillful Means (SM) is no substitute for professional psychological or physical health care, nor for mature spiritual guidance.

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