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All it takes are a couple of clicks, and SQL Database will automatically implement the new recommendations of the selected type as soon as they are published. Clicking on the chart on the Performance Dashboard opens the Query Performance Insight feature, which allows you to understand what is driving your database resource usage and detect any query performance issues before they become a problem.Query Performance Insight provides customers with: Query Performance Insight is built on top of Query Store and surfaces some of the top insights from the rich query performance data captured by the Query Store.User receives a notice when accessing the app-part of the application: Removed the Citrix Receiver from the system, ran the Citrix Receiver Removal utility (multiple times), wiped all reference to Citrix in the registry, and reinstalled the Citrix Receiver through the command line: /Include SSON /ALLOWSAVEPWD=A ENABLE_SSON=Yes STORE0=Äpp Store; App/discovery;on; Store Apps on Xen App" Tried the 'discovery' URL in IE on my system and got a request to add "Xen App" provided by "*".Did the same on the system of the affected user,and was presented with: Found this document: and tried solution 3. Checked the eventlog, and found a 5061 event ID that stated that upon opening the key a resultcode of 0x80090016 was generated.Users that are interested in more details can leverage the Query Store views in SQL Server Management Studio (explained in this blog post) or explore the data using Query Store built-in catalog views as described in this article.Azure SQL Database makes performance tuning and troubleshooting easier and faster than ever before, helping you to deliver great performance for your database applications while saving you time and effort in the process.We are an established motorcycle and small engines repair shop based out of Geneseo, IL.We proudly serve the Quad Cities and surrounding areas with exceptional customer service and fast turn around time.

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tag is not valid HTML, and will cause your page not to validate when you use it.

The reason this happens is twofold: 1) The internal DW rendering engine won't evaluate the javascript, but it will evaluate embed tags. when I take out the embed tags, iy just shows the code when I preview in IE, also, my images that are also links show as boxes with x;x in the corner, with the text link in the box but no image. just a box with a x in the corner Check the path to the image and check to see if you loaded the image to the server. Close this issue and open a new one if you need additional help.

This allows DW to display placeholders for the active content correctly 2) By writing both sets of tags, your content will play even for people with javascript disabled.

In addition, the new SQL Database Performance Dashboard makes performance troubleshooting easier by providing a holistic view of your database performance, replacing the need to switch between many different views to get a good understanding of the current database state.

This blog post will provide a high-level overview of these new capabilities, and the subsequent posts will provide more details on each of these areas.

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