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Unger called it a "three-day secret summit," while fellow participant and Owlchemy Labs founder Alex Schwartz described it as a kind of event draped in NDAs "with snipers perched on the roof." Roughly two dozen people attended the meeting, including a few from Valve and HTC, but most of the attendees weren't even told what the meeting would be about.Unger suspected it had something to do with VR, since he'd been working on VR adventure game since early 2013.I do, and the virtual world keeps up with my every step and turn—up to a point, anyway. " Faliszek asks, referring to a virtual grid that has appeared in my vision after a few real-life steps forward."That wall means it's a wall." Oculus and Morpheus users must be directly in view of a camera, and those rigs are designed in such a way that larger, full-body motions—particularly walking around—are not completely trackable (though both competitors do let you stand and move about in a small area).Steam VR comes with two "base station" laser-tracking boxes, and they must be mounted on opposite corners of an ideal play space at a distance of up to five meters.In short, Steam VR lets you get up and walk around... Jokingly, there’s a size we call 'two yoga mats.' Tape them together lengthwise, four feet by six feet.Those included the following: an internal motion capture studio; a 3D printer room; a massage room (curses); any room in which I might find studio co-founder Gabe Newell; and most of the company's general-use office space, which is famously made up of desks that can roll away on wheels at a moment's notice, not to mention plugs for computers that tell the entire staff where a staffer has relocated at any given moment.

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This HTC-produced headset, like others, contains high-res displays directly in front of your eyes—one 1080p display for each—along with a pair of headphones.

"When [Valve and HTC] revealed their larger plans—the way you're tracked in full volume, the way they tracked hands—there was this revelation," game designer Denny Unger said from his studio in Vancouver Island.

"Shit, this was the missing piece we'd all been waiting for in VR." Unger, the lead creative director of Cloud Head Games, was invited, along with roughly a dozen other game makers, to visit Valve Software last October in a meeting that was shrouded in secrecy.

provided you have room in your house to get up and walk around while wearing a headset that obscures your entire real-life view of the world. " Faliszek says when I press about space requirements for Steam VR. In a living room, four-by-six will fit, and that gives you enough room to react and move." The unfettered space requirement can seem weird before trying the rig out, but Steam VR's other difference is its additional major peripheral: a pair of custom, tracked-around-the-room controllers.

In our demo, Faliszek held the controllers a foot away from us in real space, and we could see and grab them in virtual space instantly and easily.

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