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The Wireless Application Environment (WAE) space defines application-specific markup languages. X, the primary language of the WAE is Wireless Markup Language (WML).

In WAP 2.0, the primary markup language is XHTML Mobile Profile.

Before the introduction of WAP, mobile service providers had limited opportunities to offer interactive data services, but needed interactivity to support Internet and Web applications such as email, stock prices, news and sports headlines.

The network entity that processes WAP Pushes and delivers them over an IP or SMS Bearer is known as a Push Proxy Gateway (PPG). It uses a cut-down version of XHTML with end-to-end HTTP, dropping the gateway and custom protocol suite used to communicate with it.Finally, one can think of WSP initially as a compressed version of HTTP.This protocol suite allows a terminal to transmit requests that have an HTTP or HTTPS equivalent to a WAP gateway; the gateway translates requests into plain HTTP.The first company to launch a WAP site was Dutch mobile phone operator Telfort BV in October 1999.The site was developed as a side project by Christopher Bee and Euan Mc Leod and launched with the debut of the Nokia 7110.

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