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How delightful not to be on the marriage market in an age when going on a first date is like interviewing for a fellowship, or sitting for a deposition, with its “So, tell me about your last girlfriend,” and so forth. His pentalogy of dinner dates occurs at Le Barricou. It presents a fine contrast with “Temptation Island,” an early-twenty-first-century artifact with a fin-de-siècle vibe, which has recently recrudesced on the USA Network.When you hear, in another introductory testimonial, that “Sarah is constantly falling for the wrong type of guy,” you simply must start wagering whether Sarah’s type is John or Antonio or Adrian or Matt or perhaps John, who works as “a real-estate agent.” Real-estate guys are to “Dating Around” what pharmaceutical-sales reps are to “The Bachelor.” I am uncertain whether to understand their superabundance as a comment on hyper-gentrification or simply a consequence of it. Sexual politics have changed since “Temptation Island” first aired on Fox, in 2001, as an infidelity obstacle course hosted by Mark L. But its enthusiastic tawdriness is still captivating, as attested by the reboot’s decent ratings.In an introductory voice-over, a friend testifies, “He looks like a model. He’s a basic bro in a skinny suit, a nonfat flat white of a man. They proceed to a dinner table, where they trade personal histories and explicate their tattoos and probably split the spring rolls.In a segment labelled “After Hours,” they may share a nightcap, perhaps chasing it with polite lies about how they had such a great night, perhaps swapping spit in the back of the Lyft.

— The inimitable Glenn Close and her seven Oscar-nominated roles Looking for more?

This shamefully tasty hate-watch is also a study in human nature, a fine lowbrow opportunity both to marvel at the masks we put on and to examine how and why they crack.

“Dating Around” is the fulfillment of the epiphanic dream Chuck Barris had (in the telling of the “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” screenwriter Charlie Kaufman) when he seized on the concept for “The Dating Game,” a show “about the craziest monkey of all: Monkius Humanius!

How can you turn away from the slow-motion car crashes of obvious mismatches?

And, settled Gen X-ers in the audience, how can you fail to tingle not only with voyeurism but also Schadenfreude? ”Keep an eye out for the fourth episode, which stars Leonard, a widower whose only previous blind date occurred around 1970. Her interest sharpens palpably when he replies, “Nineteen hundred square feet.”With its tackiness enamelled in urbanity and its timbre attuned to the Tinder age, “Dating Around” is marvellously of the moment—a strong candidate for the sociocultural time capsule.

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