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His right hand moved down her body and cupped her left breast through the Navy blue material. She now was able to grab his bare flesh he still could not get enough. She hated to separate from him briefly but he propped himself up on his elbow.

She tried to turn the knob slightly to see if it was locked. He would run to his room and hide under the covers.Chapter 8 Steve's mom got out of the chair and moved it aside as she took several steps back to the bed. She again matched his pace and it looked like she was also as excited as him. He had to believe that she really was excited and turned on.She sat at the foot of the bed and there was a remote-control there. By continuing this perhaps they could come together. It stimulated him to know that his mother was actually turned on by this "other life".The two of them now stared at each other once more. Instead, he kissed her even more passionately than before. He was still wearing his underwear that he had put back on immediately after the camera fell. Now the same pattern continued and again the tingling continued.Again, there were no words for quite a few seconds. She pulled him close and was frustrated that she could not bring him even closer. But the underwear could not hide the fact that his cock was fully erect at this point. He started to move his hips rhythmically against the inside of her thigh. She instantly pushed the waistband of his underwear with her thumb underneath and started to force them down over his ass. She released her grip from his buttocks and reached down by her waist grabbing the bottom of her camisole.

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