Websphere not invalidating session Orlando sexdating

specified in the is the HTTP session timeout managed by the web container.

When no resources of the application are touched for the specified time, the HTTP session is invalidated by the container.

package org.kodejava.example.servlet; import javax.servlet.

Mostly programming in Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate / JPA.

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Platform Implementor start - reqid=27662479976445185 Error during platform startup org.eclipse.platform.exception.This leads to strange login/logout errors, depending on the web application deployment order.Workaround: Deploy every Scout application within an own application server instance. Websphere offers the possibility to to have have different clusters on the same Websphere installation and each cluster can have several independent servers onto which you can deploy your applications. Deploying more than one WAR file into such a server, they both run in the same JVM, though.I'm going to assume this is referring to some authentication tokens that are not being properly cleared out when your user is logging out. You might want to explicitly invalidate any custom cookies / tokens that pertain to the application and make sure you are using methods like Forms Authentication. Abandon() to clear out any values when the user logs out.Two pointers to your problems: - Using the configuration property "time" you can define, how long your (UI) session is kept alive. - We noticed strange login/logout errors if more than one Scout-based application is run within the same application server. To be able to bound the cookies to a specific Scout session, we added a custom Cookie Store implementation (Multi Session Cookie Store).

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