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Tommy Lee Jones, famed actor and Gore’s classmate at Harvard, was aboard; so were Ted Turner, Tom Brokaw, Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve Jobs’s widow), John Doerr, and Richard Branson, whose Virgin Media carried Current in the U. and whom Gore had personally convinced over breakfast that climate change was real. I miss most of all being able to grab the levers and push the buttons and have an impact on policy and lives.And, in one of her first public appearances, Gore showed off his new girlfriend, Elizabeth Keadle, a dark-haired, attractive woman in her fifties. We have a great relationship, for which I thank my lucky stars. I own a houseboatsolar panels all over the topmy redneck yacht. In the absence of power, there is constant travel, and writing, between knocking around this empty house."The couple reunites a few times a year, most recently in June, for summer family vacations and Christmases in the Gore family seat of Carthage, Tennessee," the newspaper reported.Tipper has been dating Bill Allen, who is a former editor of National Geographic.And she was a devoted political wifethe most supportive of the supporting cast.

She also acted as an advisor and was a part of decisions including the hiring of Tony Coelho as chairman of the campaign and moving its headquarters to Nashville.

Keadle is the anti-Tipper, a wealthy biotech entrepreneur, Democratic fund-raiser, environmental activist, and philanthropist. Proteomics, Gore says as he details her involvement in breakthroughs at the Salk Institute. I’ve never seen him happier or more secure in his personal life than in the last year, says a friend. Floating off Antarctica, with the assembled luminaries looking on, Gore and Keadle donned bathing suits and took a ceremonial plunge into 33-degree water. ating the soup he’d heated up in his kitchen in his solar-paneled bachelor pad on the outskirts of Nashville, Gore is open-eyed about what he lost. In the business world, there are rewards for solving for X, he tells me. And, of course, his global-warming crusade, hair-shirt labor that somehow gives weight to the rest of it.

She and her ex-husband founded Invitrogen, which became Life Technologies, a public company. Sometimes people say, Oh, you’ve been able to do more since you left politics,’ he tells me. I’m under no illusion that there is any position with anywhere near as much potential for shaping the future in a positive way than as president of the United States. There is a sense of joy in having work that is worthy of everything you can possibly pour into it, Gore says. I’ve got a three-day training in Istanbul, and a three-day training in Chicago.

Tipper spends her time in Virginia and California, where, it has been reported, she is dating a photographer and continues her own photography.

On her website are photographs of melting glaciers.

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