Who are the stars of gossip girl dating

7 Leighton Meester has been chosen by L’Oreal to be its brand ambassador for its luxury skin care brand Biotherm.

Meester was always praised for her performance as Blair Waldorf and, in 2013, has been involved in a number of movies including God Only Knows; Like Sunday, Like Rain; Any Tom, Dick or Harry; The Judge; and Life Partners.

Pre dinner photo op😀 Grateful for so many things, including this guy👆🏻 Happy Thanksgiving!

Today reminds us of what we are thankful for and not to take a minute for granted.

Camila even gave fans a cute ship name to use: Charmila.

“[The models] actually know each other but they don’t care about sharing Brad because they’re both having a blast with him,” adds the questionable tipster. “He’s struck up a romance with one of his recent co-stars as well,” adds the seemingly phony source, who doesn’t mention the identity of this female “co-star” or even the name of the project that she and Pitt worked on together. The suspicious insider adds, “And get this – he’s gone on a few dates with one of his kids’ teachers.” From there, the seemingly nonexistent “source” says Pitt is trying to keep his romances quiet because Angelina Jolie “would go through the roof if she knew.” As for how he navigates his “secret dates,” the alleged tipster says the actor “picks up his ladies on his motorcycle, which they love, and has wined and dined them at friends’ restaurants where he can enter through a back door.” The so-called “insider” further contends that Pitt isn’t ready to settle down with any of the four women he’s supposedly dating, but is “being upfront and telling them straight-up that he just wants to enjoy himself.” The untrustworthy tabloid then arbitrarily drags Jennifer Aniston into the narrative by claiming Pitt had also rekindled a romance with his ex-wife, but “he’s been honest with her about seeing other people,” and “she’s fine with it.” This entire storyline has more in common with a soap opera than it does with reality. Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.started dating and became Instagram official in 2018.

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