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And for his part, Jude refuses to be pulled back into the closet by anyone.“Expect controversy from Zero this season,” said Adam Senn.After high school Senn moved to New York City, where he attended Atlantic Theater, while working for fashion brands like Tom Ford and Gucci.Other fashion campaigns and editorials for 2012 included Express, photographed by Greg Kadel, Mavi Jeans campaign, snapped by Mariano Vivanco, and Blanco Suitebalanco.

When we last saw superstar Zero (Senn) and sports agent Jude (Antonello) things were very much up in the air.Say hello from me 😄#Shop Small #Amex Ambassador #Amex Life pic.twitter.com/ced Rg28hq E No matter where I travel I try to #Shop Small and find the local spots with my @American [email protected]_hardware Restaurant in LA is my go to spot and the owners treat me like family.‘Where we left off was Zero revealing his real name with Jude but we have yet to find out if Zero wants to meet Jude’s requirement.That’s going to be the excitement for the season – we will find out if he does.’ While the Jude character has come to terms with the fact that he is in fact gay, Zero appears to be a bisexual who has so far only been willing to have relationships, publicly at least, with women.

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