Who is beck off of victorious dating

Sikowitz: Nah, just scatter around the school Rex: I'm cool w/ that..

Beck: So for the remaining minutes we should be in class..

I opened the door and was assaulted by Trina."Ohmygod! Here look at the pictures." Trina showed me here phone.

Robbie finally gave up on waiting, and asked Cat out on a date. I didn't notice we were still holding hands when he let mine go to open the passenger door. Your carriage milady." Beck said in a British accent."Why thank you, sir." He helped me into his car and softly shut the door behind me. Beck came over and opened my door for me and helped me out of his car. Trina hasn't arrived at school yet."Hey guys what's up? As we got outside the classroom, I could see Jade fuming at the end of the hallway. I almost asked you out after that improv scene in Sikowitz's class on your second day. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.My investigation, however, reveals that it's probably authentic.I did some sleuthing and discovered that the moment, though real, wasn't part of episode.They are now on a steady relationship for several weeks. I picked out a pair of skinny jeans and a floral shirt. He had on a pair of ripped jeans, dusty old black boots, a blue and gray button-down hanging open; showing off a light gray shirt underneath. I broke my gaze from his body long enough to look down at the clock on my phone."You are early, you still had five minutes.""Traffic might be bad.""Mhmm, sure that's why you came early." I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She had her headphones in and was jamming out to a song. I'm giving her a ride to school." Beck replied as casually as possible."Oh, well stay for a bit! He casually walked to the other side of the car and hopped into the driver's side. " I asked as we walked over to my locker."Look who bounces fast." Jade remarked as she saw Beck and I walking together. Soon the bell tolled, signaling the end of class."Well, that was a very good improv show today. You could tell that she wanted the improv scene to go differently. But I wanted more and I tossed my arms around his neck.I didn't put too much make up on; I just did my normal routine. " Trina was trying as hard as possible to be heard by everyone in the neighborhood. His abs and muscles were easily seen through his light gray shirt."Hey. She realized Beck was standing in our door way and immediately turned her focus onto him."Beck! I did a quick glance at the contours of the car and felt relieved when there were no other girls in our outside the car. Beck rolled his eyes and I ignored her."Tori, tell Rex that my brain is fine and that no dye has gone into my head! I enjoyed watching it." Sikowitz said from somewhere in the classroom. Beck walked me to my next class."How would you like to go out with me sometime? Sensing my wanting, Beck started to kiss me deeper.

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