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- Him actually being good friends with RDJ - You realising RDJ is closer to Cillian’s age than you rip- A large amount of Avenger fans joining the Peaky Blinders fandom - Fans being totally excepting of your age difference too - Him staying up until crazy hours when you are shooting Avengers to skype - You falling asleep during the skype calls - You begging him to come with you when you are shooting Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War etc - “Maybe you can sit on set and just be a background person” - “Baby, Marvel will literally kill me if I see the slightest bit of the movie” - Cillian’s love for marvel growing each movie and it cracks you up when he occasionally geeks out - Both of you repping the merch, seeing the movies multiple times at your local cinema - Him grilling you on your determination to not “spill any tea” about the upcoming Marvel movies.- Him being super salty when you are invited go to a Marvel premiere and you’re not in the movie - “But it’ll be shite” - You wining while being in awe- You would constantly watch films of his, being the big fan you are.- You being besties with Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans.

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- He’d avoid the conversation too, even after you’d followed him. - “I just don’t want you to leave.” - “I won’t.” - You’d both probably go watch a film and cuddle on the couch, ordering dominoes instead.- The ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ premiere was your first red carpet as a confirmed couple.- It was hard to ignore the comments on the news, calling the 15 year age gap strange.- But even though the show had over 2 million views per episode, gladly, your relationship hadn’t gotten as much backlash as you both thought. - It was rarity for the two of you to fight but when you did, it was always one of you being insecure about the age gap: the media’s comments, not understanding a childhood reference or just in general, him worried he was too old or you worried you were too young.- Cillian picked up on your quietness, so kept hugging adorably from behind, whispering comforting things in your ear. ” - “Who cares, I love you and that’s all that matters.”- After that red carpet, you decided to basically say fuck you to the paparazzi and just live your life.- You are literally the most chaotic celebrity couple ever. - While eating out at restaurants, you’d both stick your middle finger up at any paparazzi while grinning excessively and laughing to each other.

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