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Allow me to state the utmost obvious: Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are a very attractive couple. They should date,” before you remember that they’re freaking married and that, for once, the universe has done something right.They’re the kind of couple you watch on screen and think, “Wow. Cruz and Bardem have appeared in nine movies together, from the 1992 Spanish film , Bardem plays the drug lord Pablo Escobar, while Cruz plays Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo.“There is no break for her.”Even though Bardem and Cruz have two children together, the actors—especially Cruz—made a point not to draw on their personal life to realize Laura’s pain. that is where I am passionate about the work that I do.Cruz has learned the value of setting boundaries for her screen collaborations with Bardem. It does not make a better result, it does not make your life better, I think, to use certain things from your private life.”“The fact that [Bardem and I] lean on each other and trust each other so much really helps,” said Cruz. just once in a while, if it feels right.”“I was full of admiration to see the way Penélope and Javier managed to have very clear limits between fiction and reality, life and work,” said Farhadi. they are the very symbol of a happy couple, a loving couple.Look at the way she looks at him: is the duo’s most iconic feature film together.In the movie, Cruz and Bardem play ex-spouses Maria Elena and Juan Antonio, who really spice up Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina’s (Scarlett Johansson) trip to Barcelona (and now you know how the movie got its name).Cruz and Bardem began dating in 2007, right around the time they were filming this movie, and the spark is obvious.

She is angry, her rage at least in part motivated by jealousy, but there is real concern, real tension, in the ways in which she leans toward and away from Bardem while questioning his interest in the American tourists.Also, at one point, Bardem literally licks Cruz’s breasts and tells her that one tastes like —a title that now makes me uncomfortable, after having seen the aforementioned “your boob tastes like ham” scene—is witnessing Cruz and Bardem’s chemistry.It’s clear from the get-go that they have it bad for each other.The movie is a very Spanish, very Woody Allen exploration of the definition of love, chock full of dreamy dialogue and nondiegetic strumming guitars.But it is most known for the polyamorous relationship between Juan Antonio, Cristina, and Maria Elena—not to mention the other love affair between Juan Antonio and Vicky, who is engaged to Chris Messina’s Doug.

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