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[on his on- and off-screen relationship with Larry Hagman] I think it literally changed when [he] walked into the first scene he was in.

He had whatever it was that JR needed to be the instigator in a show that was sorely, sorely missing that.

Two years later, he won the role of "Bobby Ewing" on Dallas (1978). In 1986, his parents were murdered by 2 teenagers who raided their tavern in Montana.

Patrick has continued to work, however, starring in a variety of TV movies, and as "Frank Lambert" on his third TV series, Step by Step (1991).

Broadway actress Barbara Bel Geddes and former sitcom star Larry Hagman both took Duffy, under their wing, when he was 29.

The crew spent hours filming the commercial, which was then superimposed into a scene from Dallas (1978).The result is the famous shower scene where Duffy's character, "Bobby Ewing", returns from the dead and says "Good Morning" to his TV wife, played by Victoria Principal.Principal did not know that Duffy was returning to the show until she saw that cliffhanger on TV, and then phoned him.Because I have nothing but 100% appreciation and love for not only him as a person but for what he did that created the rest of my life. [on Barbara Bel Geddes] When Barbara joined the cast of Dallas (1978), as Miss Ellie, I considered her to be like Helen Hayes, Katharine Cornell and Ethel Barrymore--a real "name" in American theater. It was remarkable, her ordinariness despite that pedigree. People related to her because she was the epitome of compassion despite her own pain. She cussed like a muleskinner, and she really liked to have her drinks.[on Larry Hagman] Larry was the ringleader, who started the family feeling in the cast from the very first day of the reading. But she also had an endless capacity to include everybody that she loved, and that was the entire cast. in her first Broadway play, when she played in "The Moon is Blue", which was a sin: S. N.sational play because the word "virgin" was used for the first time on stage which, you know, caused a fury in this country.

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