Who is jayceon taylor dating

The media company also cites its contract with The Game as a reason to dismiss his litigation, stating that in its agreement with the rapper Taylor acknowledged the emotional strains participating in the programme might result in, and agreed “to accept any and all risks of participating in the project”.Notwithstanding her professional life, Tiffney had a dramatic personal life.

She featured in a couple of reality TV series and wrote a number of children books and generated impressive payrolls.

So far, she posted over 2109 times and has 582k followers.

She may have only just won The Game’s heart, but She’s Got Game winner Rebecca Silvera revealed she already cooled things with her rapper beau.

“Right now, we are not together,” Silvestra told BOSSIP. I would love to do another show.” The mom of one said her strategy going in was twofold: play hard to get, and just be herself. She also had to resist the pressure she felt to chat up the rapper every chance he had a free moment.

“We tried to have a relationship, (But) coming off the show, he went immediately to work on his album. A.” Nevertheless, Silvera said she was grateful for the experience, and wouldn’t rule out filing another reality show. “You’re literally vying for every second,” Silvera recalled. Things didn’t work out between us, but one day a woman is going to get an amazing man.

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