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Deputy District Attorney Leonard Trinh said that footage, which garnered widespread public attention, only shows the tail end of the interaction, during which the deputies “exceeded the amount of force that they were allowed to use.” About a.m.that day, Morgan and another deputy, Kevin Mc Cauley, arrived at the complex near East Vista Way and Palomar Place, where Trinh said they encountered Martinez Jr. The prosecutor said Mc Cauley — who was not charged — ordered Martinez Jr.

Tomaselli made these works prior to the paintings for which he is best known.Deputies Nicholas Morgan, 27, and Joshua Nahan, 31, potentially face jail time if convicted of misdemeanor counts of assault without lawful necessity by an officer for the May 7, 2018, arrests of Gerardo Martinez Jr., then 24, and Gerardo Martinez Sr., then 50.The father and son were arrested after the deputies responded to a domestic violence call, in which Martinez Jr’s girlfriend told a dispatcher that he’d punched her and refused to let her out of their apartment.Catalog: The exhibition is accompanied by a book published by the Cal State Fullerton, University, Grand Central Press.The publication will document all the works in the exhibition.

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