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And if you don’t have that, you gotta go for the sex tape.

One thing that can be said about 1980s-era fashion is that the designers were not afraid to express their exuberant and at times over the top points of view.

But more than anyone, she is a soothsayer when it comes to what we now commonly refer to as athleisure, what she in her heyday would have just referred to as fabulous sweats to wear to Studio 54. I think anyone can be good at business, they just have to be motivated. There’s a maturity in understanding that and once you do you can take on more responsibility.

Kamali has been in charge of her own independent business since 1967, but what sets her apart from her peers is that she's not been afraid to change herself as the fashion industry has convulsed around her. If everyone else wasn’t there, you probably would have been like, “I’ve had enough.” You’re motivated by other people. What were some of your biggest challenges along the way? At what age did you figure out what your personal style was?

She received the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA in 2016.

She has also received awards from the White House for her work with public schools, as well as pro-public school education organizations.

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If you think about pretty in the girly or sexy way, it just looks like you want to marry a prince. I’m wearing it to the Giorgio Armani party tomorrow.” She paid .00 for it.She's not afraid of millennials like myself; in fact, she's doing backflips far better than me. Like this girl next to me in class was clearly a beginner and she was very aware of me. Not that I’m better, but by having me there, she pushed herself much further. You’ve spoken before about the Kardashian women and their empire, and I’m in agreement that they really are so savvy. They’ve blindsided everybody who thought they were bimbos. It just doesn’t make sense anymore; they’re not separate. It’s an interesting question because as a girl, when you’re really little, you know your style. Unfortunately, it gets influenced by whatever is happening in the world. Well, when I came to this realization that what I do has no real value anymore and that the sewing machines in my studio are antiques of the future.I spent the entirety of the hour-long Physique 57 class trying — and failing — to mirror her every move. I don’t pretend to be a good business person; I just know because I own my own business that I have to pay my rent. It used to get influenced by magazines, but not anymore. I designed and developed a line that has no stitching in it. I’ve been wearing it, working out in it, throwing it in the washing machine — everything.Her brand is based on every aspect of a woman's life, from fitness, health, beauty, and style to entrepreneurship, and is the mantra of the company.Her belief in the strength of the internet, ecommerce and social media, and being able to directly communicate with her followers is key to understanding the authenticity of her brand.

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