Who is rapper eve dating 2016

Early Accomplishments She was great with singing and poetry as a child but changed her style to rap music when she was 13, forming a girl-power duo called EJDP with a friend.She worked as an exotic dancer after high school, but Mase encouraged her to quit dancing and introduced her to Dr. Best Known For Eve has delivered super hits such as What Ya Want in 1999, Who’s That Girl in 2001, Gangsta Lovin’ with Alicia Keys in 2002 and the Grammy-winning Let Me Blow Your Mind in 2001.On the fashion front, her talent and brilliance has seen her design and own a line called Fetish.

Since 1997, Eve spent 3 years each with Stevie J., Nelly and Teodoro Obiang as well as 6 months with T. She is older than her brother, Farrod with 14 years.‘I guess we’re staying together.'” “I was actually getting my hair done,” she told the hosts. Eve has always been a chameleon when it comes to hair.Good to know she’s found someone who’s encouraging of that expression of style.“But now I’m like, ‘Yeah, I don’t care.'” According to Eve, after dating Cooper for a year and keeping her hair looking pretty fabulous while in his presence, he saw her at the salon with her natural hair out. He was just like, ‘Okay.’ I’m his first Black girl anyway. He knows now that if I say, ‘Babe I’m getting my hair done,’ he’s like, ‘Well, how long? But I do wonder what he would have to say about her throwback looks.When he was more intrigued than shocked by her appearance, as she said, “That’s when I knew! '” As Eve pointed out though, while she’s a lover of a good weave, Cooper has been quite supportive of whatever changes she makes to her hair, including when she goes without her bundles. Who remembers the blond cornrows, bleach blond close cut, red pixie cut and pink blunt bangs?

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