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"I am very grateful to the CEO, Medical Director, Executive team and colleagues at Royal Papworth for their support over the years which has facilitated this achievement.

The role is part time and I will continue my clinical activities at Royal Papworth, including on-call!

The first movie we did was Below the Belt which was shot in Denver. I had a very small part, but I was just there to hang out in Denver really [laughs] 'cos I was exhausted from the first season of 24.

They had me on set for a couple of days as the face and voice of the corporation that the movie revolves around. The second project we got to do together was a movie called The Third Date with one of my best friends, Amy Barrett.

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She is more than happy to provide lectures on appropriate topics.

She frequently is instructed to draft pleadings, including complex schedules of loss incorporating future care claims, future treatment, loss of earnings, loss of pensions and Smith v Manchester awards.

She has experience in the following areas: She is willing to consider instructions funded by way of a conditional fee agreement in appropriate cases.

Sarah Clarke is known to millions of fans of 24 as special agent Nina Myers.

Viewers of the first season of the show where shocked when it was revealed that she was a double agent working against the American government. Well, I would say that the part of Nina wasn't fully developed when I went for the auditions.

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