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I knew I could do well and it would be a doorway into the industry if I couldn't make it as an artist first. Yes I read all my contracts myself with my lawyers and business partners. It's a lot more radio friendly and has more club bangers. I thought about what the world was missing - or at least American radio. Those power ballads that hit you deep in your heart because that's you I'm singing about. It's a perfect cocktail of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance and Rock music. That's the mantra that I adapted while writing and recording for my album. I write songs to touch people at the deepest most inner being CG: Talk about the meaning behind your first single "Impossible." Shontelle: I recorded "Impossible" days after my tour with Beyonce ended.

So much reading - but I love to ague and I have a passion for defending what is right. I had to make some adjustments to suit that on my new album. But don't think it stops my eyes from having a good time! I love tall, handsome guys with strong, fit bodies. In February 2009, the second single from the album 'Stuck with Each Other' featuring Akon, was released in the United States and in the United Kingdom in May 2009.The success of this single was not to be in the United States but reached number twenty-three (23) in the United Kingdom.I don't even think either of us knew the other wanted to. I was never really a part of any particular clique or group or crew. But I did always think she would be some kind of famous. I never had many enemies in school because people knew I wasn't partial.

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