Who is simon barney dating 2016

He seems to have a lot of love for his kids, and it’s something that really shows in that his kids would prefer to be with him than with their mother. He did not like it when his wife at the time was filming her reality show, and he does not like it now.

He keeps them off the show, refuses to allow them to be filmed and he is very big on making sure that they are kept out of the spotlight, though he does take a lot of photos of them for himself.

He has accused his ex of being with many other men throughout the course of their marriage, and he cites that as part of the reason he decided to divorce his wife.

There are many that assumed, mistakenly, that the divorce papers in this marriage were filed because Tamra finally grew tired of her husband.

Even with all of the public issues between Simon and Tamra, Simon has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part and has been focusing on his children. Simon got sole custody of his oldest daughter Sidney, and he has part time custody of his other children Sophia and Spencer.

I'm also not too shocked to hear that Simon has stayed in touch with original OC Housewife Jeana Keough, since they both openly dislike Tamra.

Viewers of the show remember Tamra freaking out that Jeana made a concerted effort to be close to Simon.

Many times on reality television he appeared controlling and mean to Tamra, telling her she could not leave the house in certain things that she was wearing and other forms of what she likes to refer to as emotional abuse.

There is no proof that he was actually controlling except for a few incidents caught on camera and her words, but the reputation has stuck with him for a long time since he appeared on reality television.

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