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Crest: A demi-man representing the figure of Saint Moluag Proper, his head ensigned of a circle of glory Or, having about his shoulders a cloak Vert, holding in his dexter hand the great Staff of Saint Moluag Proper and in his sinister hand a cross crosslet fitchée Azure.

Lord Kirkcudbright's crest alludes to the tradition that a Mac Lellan killed an Irish bandit which had terrorised the lands around Kirkcudbright.

One of that ancient race, finding that an antagonist, with whom he had fixed a friendly meeting, was determined to take the opportunity of assassinating him, prevented the hazard by dashing out his brains with a battle-axe.

Two sturdy arms, brandishing such a weapon, form the usual crest of the family, with the above motto, Periissem ni per-iissem—I had died, unless I had gone through with it".

The crest and motto within the crest badge are derived from that of the Macleods of Lewis.

In the 17th century Mackenzie of Kintail took possession of Lewis, married a daughter of Macleod of Lewis, and added Macleod of Lewis's arms to that of his own.

In most cases, both crest and motto are derived from the crest and motto of the chief's coat of arms.The clan's association with this badge was questioned by at least one other 19th century writer.Crest: A dexter arm in pale Proper, clothed Gules, (issuing out of the Wreath) and holding an antique shield Sable charged with a mullet Or Motto: ADVERSA VURTUTE REPELLO ["I repel adversity with fortitude"] Crest: A triple towered castle Argent, masoned Sable, and issuing from the centre tower a dexter arm from the shoulder embowed, vested in the proper tartan of Kincaid and grasping a drawn sword all Proper.Women may wear a crest badge as a brooch to pin a sash of their clan tartan at the right shoulder of their gown or blouse.Female clan chiefs, chieftains, or the wives of clan chiefs normally wear a tartan sash pinned at their left shoulder.

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