Windows xp group policy not updating

Turn off all or some of them by switching them to the Not configured state.Do the same steps in the User Configuration section.This works in the current session, in regedit or via scripts, and following a reboot, the change is effected.But using this script in the Group Policy Shutdown script, it fails.I have about 100 of these puppies to manage via GPO. After much testing and trial and error, I have learned the following: Sometimes, it is the case that a registry key that is normally created in HKCU can also be created in HKLM.All examples that I found with google point to modifying the HKCU key for this key.

The above method of resetting group policies in Windows is suitable for the simplest cases.

Create Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER, str Key Path o Registry.

Set DWORDValue HKEY_CURRENT_USER,str Key Path,str Value Name,drtval drtval is 0 or 1 depending on whether I enable or disable the registry tools. The particular workstation I am testing this on is an XP Pro.

I have a set of four cscripts that I compile to exe with VBSEditor from Adersoft.

These compiled scripts run very well and are faster than running a script.

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