Women dating an androgynous man Chat random sex talk

Then they will begin to communicate with me as if I'm feminine and I get turned off. That is when they get weird because some of them thought it makes them gay to be attracted to me. However, my chances of attracting a gay man are extremely unlikely because my body is female.My gender identity was such an issue for one partner that they could no longer perform oral sex because they couldn't help but to imagine my clitoris was a penis. But because I'm still attractive to straight and bisexual men, I am okay with having a vagina.Any time someone uses the words sex and gender as if they are interchangeable, my brain goes into a blind rage.Out of all the issues today, I think that gender identity issues are the least talked about and most misunderstand.I'm okay with being androgynous-masculine until intimate relationships occur. I'm able to play the role of a softer female because I'm a bloody good actor.Sexual partners are okay with talking to me like one of the boys until they want things to be intimate and romantic. I don't care if they are gay, straight or bisexual.There was, and continues to be, a huge disparity between the number of recognised, using diagnostic criteria, trans women (males who identity as feminine) and trans men (women who identify as masculine): estimates ranging from 1:7,400 to ,000 in assigned males and ,040 to 4,000 in assigned females.This simply cannot be the reality of gender identity issues.

Or I'll hear women talking about men and complaining about the things women complain about, offer the other side of the coin because I get it from the male's perspective and I'll be, once again, called a misogynist, when my goal is to try and help all parties find mutual understanding.

It took years of study for me to even begin to grasp it, despite it being my reality. I simply do not get them and I often find myself wanting to yell, “Why do you think I should get it?! ” I just feel that I don't belong and that I am in the completely wrong place. It is a guy thing” and it is all I can do to not burst into tears, as I go from feeling visible and validated to invisible and dehumanised.

The Psychological community is still trying to grasp it. Women tell me that I'm a misogynist and am giving into some patriarchal thinking.

Normally, I can go through my day to day just being a person.

I do not let my gender identity issues control me to the same extent that they once did.

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