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As of 2010, Wowwiki had 80,000 pages and 4 to 5 million pageviews a month – half of the World of Warcraft gaming population (Flavelle, 2010).

As World of Warcraft is in a constant state of patch tweaking and content release, editable sites like wikis are important tools to grapple with the contingent nature of the associated knowledge (Carrington, 2009; Coulter, 2014).

More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, A long time ago, even before Algalon's release, we did promise that once the First Era of progression was finished, we would welcome a Second Era bringing back the thrill of starting everyone altogether and stand against Northrend's menaces. More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, As we mentioned in other news, the Pv E Tournament will have different phases and challenges through every Wo TLK raid so any kind of guild able to raid can take part (you can read a bit more about it here and here).

Therefore, many players may want to participate with fresh charac...

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Youtube Video One: “John Seely Brown: The Knowledge Economy of World of Warcraft” by Ecorner via Youtube Terms of Service Image Three: “worldofwarcraft-dominant-gluth-tbt” by Jovial Joystick is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Slideshare One: “Participatory Culture” by Vikee Pease is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 All other images taken by author.As explained through previous news, we believe we have found a really nice middle ground that will please the... You will have 3 weeks to complete all the challenges we propose.More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, As we have received many suggestions and requests to extend our Anniversary's perks, we are happy to announce that you can continue enjoying the x2 experience and Refer a Friend perks until the 10th of September. This tournament will require to perform different tasks through every Wo TLK Tier starting from the Tier 7. More Hello community, We are really thankful for the massive participation in the Survey, it is really exciting to see so many players collaborating and giving their opinions.The examples of information behaviour described in this case study come from the personal experience of the author as a participant in World of Warcraft, with interactions ranging from casual to ‘hardcore raiding’, over six years, from the Burning Crusade expansion to its current iteration, Warlords of Draenor. To organise and make sense of this multitude of information, a thriving network of sites, forums and wikis have formed (Schrader & Lawless, 2010, p9).This runs in parallel with wider societal shifts towards a more participant driven knowledge society, underpinned by enabling technologies (Web 2.0 platforms and social media) and highlighted by key worldwide collaborative projects such as Wikipedia (Pfister, 2011; Conole, 2012).

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