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This seemingly peaceful day comes to a halt when Carmen starts correcting all of Gumball's improper behavior, much to the feline's annoyance.

Carmen's constant criticism drives Gumball to not only trash his lunch, but eat it straight from the trash, resulting in his eventual choking.

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In addition to the comedic aspect of this silent short, we get to see some great historic footage of NYC in 1928 like cars driving through Washington Square Park, trains that ran on the street (and caused 11th Avenue to get the nickname “Death Avenue”), the elevated trains, and some fun old storefronts.

Carmen walks up and stands beside him] [At the playground, Gumball has just finished drawing a large elephant on the school's exterior.

The animal's rear end is centered around a door with a small window, through which Miss Simian is looking.

Gumball continues his search effort until he finds the Carmen's criminal record, complete with a news report of her being expelled from her former school, Franklin Junior High.

Gumball is quick to upload and share the video with all his peers, but Darwin is equally as quick to do everything in his power to stop him.

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