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He was not joking.” In Seattle, it has been easy to hook up, but hard to find anyone really interesting or worthwhile for the long term.The majority of the guys who are moving here for companies like Amazon seem to be their late 20s or early 30s, and they are new and exploring the city.And that means they are exploring the city’s women.On the dates, they flash money around, having never really had it before.He was a software engineer or did something in tech (as they all did). I don’t think he asked me a single question about myself.Our date—if you call these impromptu Internet meetings, dates—lasted an hour.The problem has become pervasive enough in Seattle that when I went with a few girlfriends to Pony, one of the last true gay bars on Capitol Hill, I was shocked when I found out that the adorable pair of 25-year-old boys talking to us were heterosexual.They were there because—as one of them told us—”It was the only place on the Hill on the weekends where there are no bros.” After I posted inquiries on Twitter, I was besieged by women with similar stories of entitlement and dullness in the men of San Francisco and Seattle.

)—are making K or more a year for their second or third job out of college, and their presence was driving the rents up in Seattle to near New York City numbers.

In a way they exhibit some of the same qualities of those professions—ego, arrogance, and unlimited amounts of cash.

In San Francisco, said Violet, “There were a lot of men to date with disposable income who wanted to take women out. “My dating life went from dating artists and writers and going on cheap but exciting dates, to men who thought the ability to buy someone an expensive meal made them interesting.” Because there are so many people in tech in Seattle and San Francisco, it is like the men in tech have eaten two previously diverse and interesting cities whole.

And my city, Seattle, like San Francisco is lousy with them.

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