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But they don't just hang out one-on-one to rehearse lines.While on-set but off-camera, they hang out together to learn new skills, like how to waltz and how to horse-ride.Well, Victoria Hearts was created for those who want to find their spouses from overseas.

The Blackpool-born lass landed her first major TV role as Jasmine Thomas in Yorkshire based soap finished, fans (including me) were low-key bereft and didn't think they would be able to find anything to fill that white-knuckle-ride-thriller hole. One hour of initially slightly confusing and very uncomfortable viewing, fans got what they wanted — a bit of mystery and a lot of thrills.In fact, last month, Coleman gave her first interview "in years" to the , and made it clear she did not want to discuss her relationship.However, when asked if she was happy with Hughes, she told the paper: "Oh God, yes."Hughes, a successful actor has starred in films like , which some might say is an essential skill as a ubiquitous British actor.It has already succeeded in the field of couple making, and the love stories of its customers are true and touching.Victoria Hearts has a focus on Slavic girls , uniting the ladies from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and other Eastern European countries.

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