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Cookies používáme proto, abychom mohli přizpůsobovat a měřit reklamy a vytvářet bezpečnější prostředí.Když na tomto webu na něco kliknete nebo přejdete, vyjádříte tím svůj souhlas, že smíme pomocí cookies shromažďovat informace na Facebooku i mimo něj.then browse to your server hostname followed by / should see PHP default test page… run the commands below to allow Maria DB root user to logon with credentials… You’ll need to use the root credentials when setting up XOOP so you can create a new database for the app… in newbb/class/plugin/(2013/05/14)date 2013-04-23===================================1- add last_login to (Mamba) in newbb/and newbb/class/and newbb/templates/newbb_and newbb/templates_fulldiv_opacity/newbb_thread.htmldate 2013-04-20===================================1- bug fix: remove ALTER TABLE `bb_posts` DROP INDEX `approved`; and add to and change version to 431 in newbb/sql/mysql.430and newbb/sql/and newbb/xoops_version.php2- improve: add check version in user database to dont run update script if user has the latest version.in newbb/include/module.php3- Change status to RC64- add: forum name in newbb/moderate.phpdate 2013-04-17===================================1- bug fix: should not ban the user in forum who is moderator of that forum.in newbb/xoops_version.pp7- change version to 4.33 RC7 in newbb/xoops_version.phpdate 2013-05-22===================================bug fix: in topic merge: the old topic will be deleted if user input a not exist new topic in newbb/topicmanager.phpimprove: in topic merge: less query to update new topic_views in newbb/topicmanager.phpfix: in topic merge: new forum should be synchronized after merge in newbb/topicmanager.phpimprove: in topic merge: better method for delete the old topic and synchronize the new topic, old forum and new forum in newbb/topicmanager.phpadd: in topic merge: if old topic has a poll and new topic has not a poll, move poll from old topic to new topic in newbb/topicmanager.phpfix: in topic merge: update vote data instead of deleting them in newbb/topicmanager.phpimprove: add delete Poll function to 'Topic' class to use with ease in newbb/class/topic.php, newbb/class/post.php, newbb/topicmanager.phpadd: better poll module display link and version in admin index.in newbb/admin/index.phpdate 2013-05-21===================================1- poll_module: force user to only select poll module once in preferences in newbb/xoops_version.php2- bug fix: poll_module handler in newbb/class/post.phpdate 2013-05-19===================================1- add: poll_module: rewrite to accept xoopspoll 1.4 by zyspec and all old xoopspoll and umfrage versions and all newbb/class/and newbb/, newbb/, newbb/, newbb/class/, newbb/topicmanager.phpand newbb/templates/newbb_poll_, newbb/templates/newbb_poll_view.htmland newbb/templates_fulldiv_opacity/newbb_poll_, newbb/templates_fulldiv_opacity/newbb_poll_2- add: $xoopspoll in header for backward compatibility.

When you see that, then Apache2 is working as expected..Actually this is only half of a plug-in, it currently adds links to the blogposting pointing to the equivalent wiki-page.For creating the actual wiki-page you would need the improved API of MT3 wp Wikka is a Word Press plugin which adds wiki markup support to Word Press.The core parser forks from the Wikka Wakka Wiki parser and inherits most of its Wiki markup features. table css formatting, table row alternating, table headings, link formatting etc.) Wiki Add: a Word Press plugin developed to crosspost blog entries to a Wakka-compatible wiki (including Wikka Wiki).For every blogpost that is added to category 'wiki' Wordpress creates a wiki-page with the blogpost-title as a wiki-word.

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