Yemen dating and marriage

The coffee tree, the state eagle, the national colors, and the Marib Dam are shown in the new national emblem.The colors of the national flag (horizontal bands of red, white, and black) reflect pan-Arab symbolism, being similar to the flags of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.The central mountains consist of wide plateaus and basins.Fields are watered from wells and rainfall is sufficient for most crops.

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There are salt deposits near Shabwa, Safir, and Harib.The most commonly used foreign language is English, and Russian is still understood in Sana'a and Aden. The notion of allegiance is shaped by kinship, the native land, language, faith, and a shared culture.The symbol of male honor is a curved dagger, the jambiyyah ; lineage is symbolized by a clan's tower at the top of a hill; and generosity and hospitality are expressed in making and serving coffee.This region includes urban centers such as Sana'a and Sa'da.The high plateau in the east gradually merges with the desert Rub al-Khal .

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